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We are proud to offer the most famous and legendary of oolongs from the Wuyi Mountains. This roasted, honeyed oolong has a flavor that lingers on the pallet long after finishing the last drop. It captivated our imagination and our intrigue immediately by way of its flavor, production, aging and taste. More oxidized than green teas or light oolong (but less than black teas), dark oolongs offer a smooth cup, richer than green tea, but without the malty quality of black tea. In the legend of Da Hong Pao, hundreds of years ago, a very ill nobleman was lost and wandering through the Wuyi Mountains when he came upon a village. The gracious villagers fed him a brew made from the leaves of a special tree. He quickly regained his health and strength and was so impressed by the healing properties of the tree that he took off his brilliant red robe and hung it on the tree to indicate its power. They say that same tree still stands and that all Da Hong Pao tea bushes can be traced back to the original.

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